When do I need a building permit?

A building permit is required when you are building a new structure greater than 200 square foot in floor area. Permits are also required when adding or subtracting to an existing structure, changes of use, such as converting a garage or basement to living space or structural alterations to a structure.

What work can I do without a permit?

Permits are not required for fences, freestanding structures 200 square feet in floor area or less, ordinary maintenance like reshingling, painting, residing or repairing drywall or cosmetic trim.

Are separate permits required for plumbing, electrical or heating changes.

If the work requires alteration of the existing plumbing, electrical or heating system or the installation of new equipment, a separate permit is required. A homeowner may do this work themselves and obtain their own permit. If they hire a contractor to do the work, the contractor must be licensed and obtain the permit.

Where can I obtain permits?

Permits may be obtained from Code Enforcement Services (248) 625-8480 or Fax (248) 846-6536 
12000 Davisburg Road
Davisburg, MI  48350